Friday, February 24, 2006

As Long As They're Talking About You

A post I made over on Tobias Buckell's blog has elicited quite a bit of response. What I posted had to do with the need for a writer, especially a beginning writer, to write every day, or, at the least, frequently and regularly.

The problem appears to be that I came across to some people as being rather arrogant in suggesting that there is only one way to write successfully. I'm not going to contest this point as I think I actually do come across this way sometimes.

I don't want to beat a dead horse, either, so I will concede that there are many ways to write, each of them valid in some way. Admittedly, my choice of words in that post could also have been better.

Since it seems that the response wasn't entirely negative, or even if it was, is that a good thing anyway? Hasn't it been said that all press is good press, just as long as they're talking about you? Regardless, I'm hoping commenters and readers alike come to check out my blog to see what I'm really all about.


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