Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New blog:

Those of you who read this blog fairly often will have noticed that over time, the content has changed somewhat. As I've gotten more into blogging, my interests have expanded into posting about things that weren't initially included in the focus of this blog.

When I started blogging at Shadows of Clouds, my primary interest was in posting about my fiction writing and networking with other bloggers and writers. I haven't lost interest in writing stories, but my interests have expanded a bit now that I'm not busy with school all the time.

I've been concerned lately about some aspects of my life that aren't the way I want them to be. Because of this, I've been searching out new ways of dealing with life, and new perspectives on the same issues everyone seems to be facing today. This is where comes in.

I decided to come up with a new blog that gives me more freedom and control to explore new ideas. These ideas are somewhat divergent from the original purpose of Shadows of Clouds, named after one of my short stories. On the new blog I intend to post about broader issues in life and what I'm discovering about how to deal with them.

The focus of will still be on writing, but that writing will be more geared toward productivity and self-improvement as well as the more practical aspects of writing and blogging for money.

So what happens to Shadows of Clouds? I thought about closing this blog, but I decided to keep it. I'd like to bring the focus here back around to fiction writing and reading. I'll continue to post about my writing experiences (and my rejection slips) and what's going on in the fiction writing world.

I hope you'll stick with me and continue reading. Please check out if you've enjoyed what I've been writing here.



Anonymous Steve Leigh said...

Why have two blogs? Why not rename "Shadows of Clouds" and put everything in there?

Seems to me that you're splitting your audience unnecessarily.

8/30/2006 08:26:00 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

I've been wondering the same thing. I don't want to have too much more to maintain, but I'm wondering if my audiences are different enough that I might lose some by not being focused enough. Does that make sense?

8/31/2006 06:52:00 AM  
Anonymous Steve Leigh said...

I suspect (but don't know) that the opposite will happen. Talking with Toby (we sat together on the plane flight to LACon), I learned that he feels that to really increase your audience, you need to post two or three times a day. =I'm= not going to do that myself (heck, I'm lucky to post a couple times a week), but if you're looking at gaining a large, regular audience, I think he's right.

The easiest path to frequent posting is to have several subjects on which you expound... which means you want all those posts in the same place. If you post on writing, then those folks who aren't interested in your writing posts will just skim them and go to the next one.

That's my suspicion, anyway.

8/31/2006 08:38:00 AM  

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