Monday, February 27, 2006

Nine Inch Nails Show in Cincinnati

Saturday night I went to see Nine Inch Nails at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati. It was a fun night despite muddy sound (possibly due to where we were sitting) and what I thought was a bit too short of a performance from Trent Reznor and company.

The opening act was a band called Moving Units, which I'd never heard of. I came away with a couple of observations of the band: they have an eighties retro sound that was kind of cool and they also need to work on the show part.

It might have just been a bad day for them, but the singer looked like he was really drunk (or something) and almost fell off the stage in the first 10 minutes or so of their set. After he picked up a guitar to play in the second or third song, he seemed to get his balance back. All in all, they weren't that bad, but could have been better.

Nine Inch Nails gave a great performance. They were both energetic and polished. I don't remember Trent talking at all; he just came out and did his thing and then left. It felt short. The guitar player was all over the place, though. He was jumping off of stuff and at the end, jammed his guitar through an amp and then threw it into the crowd. Pretty crazy, but cool.

The people around us were a trip, too. We had a lot of time to chat before the bands started and between shows. The guy in front of us had me cracking up; he would talk to us for a bit and then stop to make out with his girlfriend. A couple of times he turned his head away right after kissing her and belched loudly. This guy knows how to treat his ladies.

We had a great time, but I think I'd like to be down on the floor next time. I definitely prefer the shows where I've been closer to the bands.


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