Friday, March 17, 2006

Word Counts

I've been thinking about posting word counts every day. A lot of other writers include them on their blogs and it might help to motivate me a bit, too. I've been so inconsistent lately with my writing that I'm still not sure I want to post about it. So, tentatively, I'll say that I've added around a hundred words to a story this morning.

It's a spec fic story that I started writing a while ago, maybe last summer. It's been sitting there on my hard drive collecting dust while I've worked on other things or just been too busy to write (at least that's my excuse).

When I opened up the file recently and read the first paragraph I got this terrible sinking feeling that it was just crap. Honestly, the first few lines were awful. They were stilted and pretentious, reminding me way too much of some of the highbrow literature that I've been assigned in my English classes.

The opening scene is pretty good, but the prose needs a lot of work. Well, that's my new project. I'm going to whip this story into shape and get it out there. I have some ideas for a couple more stories having some connection to this one that I'd like to write next. So, for today, my word count is about 100 words plus a bunch of revisions.


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